Tadmarton Heath Golf Club

Beaumont Pease Open

Sunday 10th June 2018, White Tees, Tadmarton Heath

Winner of the Beaumont Pease - Joel Smith wins memento and voucher

Second - Robert Mottershead wins voucher

Third - Robbie Wilson wins voucher

Winner of the Harold King Cup - Joel Smith wins memento

Second - P McAvoy wins voucher

Third - Adam Birdseye wins voucher

Forth - Lewis Bullard wins voucher

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Gross Leaderboard switchR1R2TotalPar
1st Joel Smith Heythrop Park Resort (1)7172143+5
2nd Paul Mcavoy Harpenden Common (0)7372145+7
3rd Adam Birdseye Maidenhead Golf Club (-1)7473147+9
4th Lewis Bullard (3)7873151+13
5th Lee White Frilford Heath (-1)8270152+14
6th Harry Bowness Newbury & Crookham Golf Club (-1)7676152+14
7th Robert Mottershead (5)7875153+15
8th Philip Williams Buckinghamshire Golf Club (1)7875153+15
9th Alfie Forisky Maidenhead Golf Club (5)7777154+16
10th Robbie Wilson (6)8076156+18
11th Brian Phipps (3)7581156+18
12th Jamie Powell (0)7879157+19
13th Chris Denton (5)7780157+19
14th S Welfare Chiltern Forest Golf Club (5)7781158+20
15th Donovan Henderson-Sowerby Witney Lakes Golf Club (0)7683159+21
16th Stephen King (5)7485159+21
17th Jeremy Fricker Rye (7)8476160+22
18th Mark Wolton Heythrop Park Resort (4)8378161+23
19th Les Robinson Heythrop Park Resort (6)8279161+23
20th Barry Pawley (5)7883161+23
21st Darren Rix Chipping Norton Golf Club (3)8280162+24
22nd Joshua Martin Frilford Heath (6)8082162+24
23rd Paul Allen Cotswolds Club (6)8380163+25
24th C Young Droitwich Golf Club (5)8380163+25
25th David Ewers Studley Wood Golf Club (4)7984163+25
26th B Calnan Frilford Heath Golf Club (5)8579164+26
27th Jeff Katz (8)8480164+26
28th Joe Taylor Frilford Heath Golf Club (7)8084164+26
29th Dominic O'Rourke Oxfordshire (The) Golf Club (3)7985164+26
30th Andy Laird (2)8481165+27
31st James Ellis (6)8085165+27
32nd Conor Teeling Frilford Heath Golf Club (7)8482166+28
33rd David Padbury (8)8284166+28
34th Mark Riddle (8)8582167+29
35th Luke Washbourne (7)8582167+29
36th David White (8)8483167+29
37th David Bolton Hadden Hill Golf Club (6)8583168+30
38th Paul Bracegirdle Market Harborough Golf Club (4)8187168+30
39th Ben Spiero (8)8884172+34
40th Scott Shuck Droitwich Golf Club (5)8488172+34
41st Jack Washbourne (6)8786173+35
42nd C Lazell Parkstone Golf Club (5)8895183+45
43rd Paul Evans (8)9690186+48
44th Oliver Jones (8)90100190+52
45th Alan O'Donovan (8)9697193+55
46th Austin Siggers Ellesborough Golf Club (2)77NRNR 
47th Guy Sambrook (5)88NRNR 
48th Chris Dickenson Stratford Oaks (6)91NRNR 
49th Jason Bolton Ross-on-Wye Golf Club (5)NRNRNR 
50th Lee French (7)84NRNR 
51st Mark Brown Maidenhead Golf Club (7)91NRNR 
52nd S Kench Chipping Norton Golf Club (0)77NRNR 
53rd Scott Henney Copt Heath (7)NRNRNR 
54th Matthew Graham Frilford Heath Golf Club (6)NRNRNR 
55th Charlie Herbert Harewood Downs Golf Club (0)7878+9
56th Robert Stroud (6)8888+19

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