Tadmarton Heath Golf Club

Beaumont Pease Trophy & Harold King Cup

Saturday 11th June 2022, Black Tees, Tadmarton Heath

(95% handicap allowance)

Congratulations to the 2022 Beaumont Pease winner, Mr Jeff Katz

Second: Freddie Wheeler

Third: Owen King

Congratulations to the 2022 Harold King winner, Mr Joel Smith

Second: Javeed Faruq

Third: Harry Gale

Spot prize winners;

3rd Hole - Harry Gale

13th Hole - Ashley Atherton

16th Hole - Joel Smith

All prize vouchers will posted to the winners or can be collected from the professional shop.

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ResultsNett [click for Gross]
1st Jeff Katz(5) 67
2nd Freddie Wheeler(8) 69
3rd Joel Smith(0)  Stratford-on-Avon Golf Club69
4th Owen King(5) 71
5th David White(8) 72
6th Stuart Rowland(6)  Frilford Heath72
7th Mike Tremellen(8) 73
8th Harry Gale(0)  Goring & Streatley73
9th Javeed Faruq(-1)  Studley Wood Golf Club73
10th Lee French(7) 73
11th Chris Denton(6) 73
12th Kevin Guy(8) 73
13th Stephen King(1) 73
14th John Cox(5)  StarGolf74
15th Samuel J Smith(8) 75
16th Lee White(-1)  Frilford Heath75
17th Richard Jones(7)  Ellesborough75
18th Elliot Taylor(0)  Tidworth Garrison75
19th James Bowler(3)  Frilford Heath75
20th David Jones(7) 75
21st Alan O'Donovan(8) 76
22nd Paul McMullen(1)  Frilford Heath76
23rd Alfie Westbrook(7)  Frilford Heath76
24th Keith Fisher(6) 76
25th Barry Allen(2)  Chiltern Forest76
26th andrew avern-love(8)  The Millbrook76
27th Richard Lyons (8) 76
28th David Hilton (6) 77
29th Mike Norton(8) 77
30th Jack Washbourne(5) 78
31st Matthew Richardson(6)  Chiltern Forest78
32nd Spencer Hallam(2) 78
33rd Ben Spiero (8) 78
34th Andy Laird(1) 78
35th Adam Marc Wade(7)  Heythrop Park Resort79
36th Harrison Leivers(0) 79
37th Scott Henney(3)  Copt Heath79
38th David Watson(6)  Rickmansworth79
39th Luis Witherall(-2) 79
40th Liam Heath(3) 79
41st Mark Wolton(2)  Heythrop Park Resort79
42nd Guy Sambrook(8) 79
43rd Toby Wickham (7) 79
44th Jeremy Fricker(7)  Rye79
45th Paul Doodson(3)  Burford Golf Club79
46th Joshua Ward(3) 79
47th Joshua Martin(5)  Frilford Heath80
48th Stanley Kay(3)  Cotswolds Club80
49th Phil Beesley(8) 80
50th Phil Gascoyne(0)  Oxfordshire (The)80
51st Luke Washbourne (6) 81
52nd Lewis Bullard(2) 81
53rd Mark Lambert (3) 81
54th Nick Wright(8) 81
55th Barry Pawley(7) 82
56th Robert Stroud(7) 82
57th Matt Draper(4) 82
58th Michael Pearson(2)  The Wychwood83
59th David Payne(8)  Copt Heath83
60th Alberto Montoro(-2)  84
61st Colin White(4)  Frilford Heath84
62nd Tony While(5)  Kings Norton Golf Club84
63rd Charlie Haynes(-1)  Frilford Heath85
64th Ashley atherton(1)  Frilford Heath85
65th Stuart Smith(7)  Chiltern Forest85
66th Thomas Ream(2) 85
67th Sam Ginger (4) 85
68th Connor Jacob(-2)  Goring & Streatley86
69th Christopher Boddey(4)  Copt Heath86
70th Fraser Quinn(4)  Lutterworth87
71st Michael Motley(8) 88
72nd Alex Ryan(7)  Hallmark The Welcombe 89
73rd Oliver Jones(7) 89
74th Steffan Rhys Evans(6)  CardiganNR
75th Oliver Dodsworth(-2)  Frilford HeathNR
76th Paul Woolley(6)  The WychwoodNR
77th Matt James(-1)  Kenilworth Golf ClubNR
78th Brian Phipps(4) NR
79th James Collins (6) NR
80th Dan Simpson(7)  Frilford HeathNR
81st Tom Woolley(0)  The WychwoodWD

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