Tadmarton Heath Golf Club

Men's Open - Banbury Town Cup 2024

Sunday 16th June 2024, Black Tees, Tadmarton Heath

(95% handicap allowance)


All visitor prize winners will be sent their vouchers to their home club. One one prize per person.


Overall Winner - Congratulations to Stephen Day on winning the Banbury Town Cup.

2nd - Philip Meakin

3rd - Tim Rickman

4th - William Thompson

5th - Roger Mawle

6th - Roger Neale


1st - Freddie Wheeler

2nd - Richard Sadler

3rd - Harry Gale

Best Nett Visitor - Tim Freeman

Best Gross Visitor - Roger Parfitt

Members 2's paid out £4.25


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ResultsNett [click for Gross]
1st Stephen Day(14)  Kings Norton Golf Club65
2nd Philip Meakin(4)  Bramcote Waters67
3rd Tim Rickman (11) 68
4th William Thompson(12)  Temple Golf Club68
5th Roger Mawle(10) 68
6th Roger Neale(3)  Hallmark The Welcombe 68
7th David Jones(9) 68
8th Malcolm Nutt(7) 69
9th John Durbin(12) 70
10th Barry Durbridge (11) 70
11th Freddie Wheeler(1) 70
12th Jeff Katz(7) 70
13th Alan G White(9) 71
14th Andrew Greig(5) 71
15th Andrew Sabin(11) 71
16th Andrew Johnson(6) 71
17th Ian Castle (14) 71
18th Tim Freeman(10)  Copt Heath72
19th Mike Tremellen(9) 72
20th Ray Shaw(9) 72
21st Stephen Hurn(17)  Stockwood Vale72
22nd Jeremy Brown(10) 72
23rd Richard Salters(16)  Ombersley73
24th Stephen King(3) 73
25th Richard Jukes(6)  Frilford Heath73
26th David Smailes(6)  Pyrford73
27th David White(8) 73
28th David Gutteridge(16) 73
29th Geoff Fensom(14)  The Warwickshire Golf & Country Club73
30th Toby Wickham (9) 73
31st Roger Parfitt(5)  Coventry73
32nd Alan O'Donovan(9) 74
33rd Rob Davis(5)  The Manor House74
34th Pete Coventry(17)  Ullesthorpe Court Hotel &74
35th Mark Greenwood (8) 74
36th Harry Gale(0)  Goring & Streatley74
37th Paul Doodson(4) 74
38th Harrison Leivers(2) 74
39th Phil Waters(17) 74
40th Luke Washbourne (5) 74
41st Richard Sadler(-1)  Moseley Golf Club74
42nd Brian Deane(11) 74
43rd Simon Henderson(11) 74
44th Martyn Cleaver(14) 74
45th Wayne Fish(11)  Willesley Park75
46th Michael Motley(10) 75
47th Guy Sambrook(4) 75
48th Nils Krone(6)  Kings Norton Golf Club75
49th Daniel Purvis(6) 75
50th Michael O'Carroll (18) 75
51st Paul Hopkins(16) 75
52nd Gareth Griffiths(15)  Brampton Heath Golf Centre Golf Club75
53rd Darren Peacock(9) 75
54th David Streeter(13) 75
55th Bradley Holland(3) 75
56th Kevin Guy(8) 75
57th John Jones(14) 76
58th Lee Timms(12) 76
59th Sam Ginger (5) 76
60th Robert Mottershead(7) 76
61st Keith Heron(14) 76
62nd Chris Tandy(11) 76
63rd KEVIN BENTON(12)  Ellesborough76
64th Jon Parnell(12) 76
65th David Howlett(9) 76
66th John Baker(13) 76
67th Derek Code(18)  Woodford77
68th Richard Lyons (10) 77
69th Paul Fuller(13) 77
70th Shaun Craven(18) 77
71st Michael Baxter(13) 77
72nd Peter Harris(10)  Northamptonshire County77
73rd Christopher Moulton(18) 77
74th Roy Hubbard(9)  Stratford-on-Avon Golf Club77
75th Brian Phipps(7) 77
76th Andy Laird(1) 78
77th Mike Norton(8) 78
78th Andy Rigg(2)  Hallmark The Welcombe 78
79th Les Haynes(15) 78
80th Ben Spiero (8) 78
81st Paul Smith(5)  Ellesborough78
82nd Robert Stroud(4) 79
83rd Aspi Mobed(15)  Copt Heath79
84th Richard Clare(9) 79
85th Joe Tobutt(9)  Stratford-on-Avon Golf Club79
86th Richard Holland(18) 79
87th John Cox(6)  StarGolf80
88th Samuel J Smith(8) 80
89th Ian Smailes(6)  Pyrford80
90th Martin Mahon(10)  Kings Norton Golf Club81
91st Ian Dix(9)  Kings Norton Golf Club81
92nd Steve Inns(10)  Kings Norton Golf Club82
93rd Mike Abbotts(14) 82
94th Matthew Cramphorn(18)  Leamington & County83
95th Mark Tapper(18) 83
96th Oliver Jones(9) 84
97th Gary Wright (16) 84
98th Michael Stephen Brady(13)  Muswell Hill84
99th Paul Hughes(18) 84
100th David Dearden(10)  Kings Norton Golf Club86
101st David Thornton(12) 87
102nd Tony Round (18) 99
103rd Jack Tu(18)  Rye Hill Golf Club101
104th Les Washbourne(17) NR
105th Gary Kilmister(9)  Stourbridge Golf ClubNR
106th Laurence Hawker(7)  Kings Norton Golf ClubNR
107th William Hicks (12) NR
108th Charlie Sandall(8)  Stratford-on-Avon Golf ClubNR
109th Gordon Smith(15) NR
110th Harry Marcuse-Harris(15) NR
111th Tim Nunneley(17) NR
112th David Ryan(15) NR
113th Robin Scrafield(14)  EllesboroughNR
114th Kevin Nicholls (14) NR
115th Eric Buckle(15)  Crowborough Beacon Golf ClubNR
116th Robert Ball(18) NR
117th Joshua Ward(4) NR
118th James Whitworth(10) NR
119th Lee French(5) WD
120th Darren Forbes(9) WD

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